Dr. Holick,

We urgently need your help. Layla, my 9 month old daughter likely has ostogenisis imperfecta or Rickets. She has been vitamin d deficit since she was born. She has already suffered a few fractures. Unfortunately, the department of Social Services immediately opened a one-sided blitzkrieg style investigation. DSS jumped to their conclusion and took our babies. Meanwhile it all seemed unconstitutional. How could an organization go against medical reason? Against logic? Against medical experts? 

Please Dr. Holick. You are our only hope at the moment. Please contact me. Hear our story. I can get you all the medical records/x-rays I have. I’ve asked for my girls to be tested but Richland County DSS refuses. Please help me find someone who will test me, I have had 4 referrals and everyone has denied me. I will travel and do whatever it takes to get answers. I have had people tell me that my daughter had a broken skull that was not true. I want Justice for my girls. I have a 5-year-old who is bow-legged, no fractures. She tells me all the time she want to come home. L has had a broken left tibia. A broken radial Fracture.

Please help if you can.